At a glance


Essential skills

  • Much of this information will be memorization so use our tables to help.

  • Pay attention to major differences and distinctions. Commit to memory that viruses are parasites, that fungi and protists are eukaryotes, that archaea are prokaryotes.


Knowledge Fundamentals

  • Eukaryotes vs. prokaryotes vs. viruses

  • Bacteria vs. archaea vs. eukarya

  • Organelles of prokaryotes and eukaryotes

  • The endomembrane system

  • The endosymbiotic theory

  • Cytoskeleton and cell motility

  • Cell junctions


On the MCAT

  • The MCAT writers really like testing organelles, cytoskeleton and human diseases that are caused by malfunctions in these two areas. The question stem will always give you enough information to get to the answer!


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The wealth of information and sample questions are great.

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