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We’ve created options for all MCAT studiers — from the slow and steady to the crunchtime performers, and everyone in between


Webinar Pricing Plans

Upcoming webinar

Most Fridays at 1 PM EST, we run a webinar on a new topic or refresh a session we’ve already run before. These live sessions are completely free, and we always make time for Q & A. Join us.

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Rent a single webinar

If you have a specific topic you want to review, or you missed a free Friday session, you can rent any webinar in the library for 48 hours. This is also a great option if you’re looking to test drive the webinar.

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Weekly Membership

The weekly membership is a great option if you want to review multiple topics within a section or content area. Unlimited access to the complete library for 7 days.

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Monthly Membership

The best option for students who want ongoing access to the complete library as a supplement to their MCAT study plans. Unlimited access to the complete archive for a month at a time.

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How do you choose which topics to cover?

Although we will eventually touch on most MCAT topics, we have so far focused on “high-yield” topics. “High-yield” means topics that are always covered on the test, relevant to many questions within a single section or across sections, and therefore “yield” the most MCAT points for the diligent student.

How does the webinar fit into my MCAT study plan?

The webinar is an excellent supplement to almost any study plan. It generally works best as a “review” session, and is not designed as a novice’s first introduction. Cambridge Coaching students use the webinar to reinforce topics they cover in session with their tutors. Students who are self-studying, or following courses, also find it super helpful alongside other resources.

Which membership plan is best for me?

The MCAT is a mammoth test, which requires careful and deliberate studying by even the best-prepared premeds. We find that the right study plan usually takes 3 - 6 months, with more content review in the first half of the program and more practice testing in the second half. You’ll want access to the webinar for at least a month, so we think our monthly membership is a no-brainer for most students.

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