Endocrine System (Part 2): Reproductive Hormones

Endocrine System (Part 2): Reproductive Hormones

This is the second part of our two-part webinar series on the endocrine system.  Males and females share many of the same endocrine organs, hormones, and axes, but differ when it comes to reproductive hormones.  In this webinar, you will learn about the differences (and overlaps) between male and female reproductive hormones, as well as about the female reproductive cycle.

At a glance


Essential skills

  • Differentiate steriod and peptide hormones

  • Differentiate hormone targets and effects

  • Predict hormon levels given a disease or a person's plasma profile


Knowledge Fundamentals

  • The similarities and differences of the HPG axis in males and females

  • Specific cells that aid in the production of sperm and oocytes (eggs)

  • The endometrial cycle (menstrual cycle) in females

  • Birth control methods and pregnancy tests


On the MCAT

  • Reproductive hormones overlap with both the endocrine system and development (oogenesis and spermatogenesis)

  • The test tends to favor the female reproductive cycle more since it is more complicated


I think these webinars are really helpful! I like how they’re styled like a TED talk, so they don’t interfere with the day, but they’re really helpful review 🙂

I found everything helpful about these webinars: the explanations, the illustrations, just everything!

Amazing material conveyed concisely and in great detail!

The wealth of information and sample questions are great.

“These 30 minute FREE, live videos conducted each Friday helped me get through the pandemic. Weike is an exceptional tutor, and being able to ask questions after she’s done was magnificent. These webinars have even helped me in class subjects such as Biochemistry.  I’m looking forward to starting one-on-one tutoring with Cambridge Coaching, and I’m already feeling confident about taking the MCAT when the time comes.”

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