As stated in our Amino Acid webinar, all MCAT roads lead back to amino acids.  From amino acids, the next stop is proteins.  Proteins come in a variety of sizes, shapes, charges, and functions.  Structurally, they have four different levels, from primary to quaternary, and are often the source of experimental data. Tune in to learn more about the basics of proteins.

At a glance


Essential skills

  • Apply amino acid concepts, genetic concepts, biochem lab techniques and thermodynamic concepts to protein assembly and synthesis


Knowledge Fundamentals

  • Protein types and the four levels of protein structure

  • How the central dogma relates to protein synthesis

  • Protein localization sequences

  • Protein ubiquitination pathway


On the MCAT

  • As amino acids products, proteins permeate both science sections of the test. They appear often in experimental questions, as well as basic recall level questions. Study them well because protein passages can easily be paired with many other high-yield areas (like gen chem)


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