Gas is one of the four fundamental states of matter. In this webinar, we will discuss ideal and non-ideal gas laws in both graphical and mathematical contexts. We will also learn about gas equilibrium, gas behavior at the gas-liquid interface and applications of gases to biology (respiratory system) and to organic chemistry (gas chromatography).

At a glance


Essential skills

  • Estimate, manipulate and calculate with the various gas laws

  • Be able to identify gas laws mathematically and graphically

  • Predict non-ideal gas behavior

  • Read phase diagrams


Knowledge Fundamentals

  • Temperatures and pressure scales, standard state vs STP

  • Maxwell-Baltzmann distribution

  • Gas laws, ideal gas laws, non-ideal deviations

  • Vapor pressure and Dalton's Law

  • Gas equilibrium

  • Gas behavior at the gas-liquid interface


On the MCAT

  • Gases have wide applications to other gen chem concepts, physics, biology, and organic chemistry

  • Out of all areas of study, gases also have the most named laws. Be sure to memorize these laws. Knowing which scientist is association with which law is an easy, but completely recall-based question!


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