Evolution is the change in a gene pool of a population through processes like mutation, natural selection, and genetic drift. In this webinar, we will discuss fundamentals of natural selection, speciation and phylogenetic trees. We will also learn how to use the Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium and apply its equations to large populations.

At a glance


Essential skills

  • Read and manipulate phylogenetic trees

  • Differentiate Mendelian and population genetics

  • Calculate with Hardy-Weinberg equations

  • Read genetic diversity graphs


Knowledge Fundamentals

  • Natural selection, individual selection, and group selection

  • Speciation and what defines a species

  • Evolution types

  • Basic concepts behind phylogenetic trees

  • Mendelian vs. population genetics

  • Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium and assumptions


On the MCAT

  • Many students believe that because the big ideas of evolution seem simple, it is generally easy to grasp. Additionally, popular sayings like “survival of the fittest” have misconstrued the biological concepts behind evolution. Remember, the test tests science not popular culture!


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