Basic Stoichiometry

Basic Stoichiometry

This webinar covers an important foundational topic for MCAT chemistry: stoichiometry. You will learn how to convert between mass and molar quantities, how to express and calculate concentration, and the applications in dilutions and Beer’s law.

At a glance


Essential skills

  • Convert between mass and mole

  • Recognize and calculate with different measures of concentration

  • Apply Beer's law

  • Calculate dilutions


Knowledge Fundamentals

  • The basic units of stoichiometry

  • The different measures of concentrations

  • The difference between empirical molecular formulas


On the MCAT

  • Stoichiometry is calculation-heavy, and an area where the MCAT test writers know they can waste your time - don't give them the satisfaction

  • Always check the units of your answer, always write your work out, and simplify or cancel out math wherever possible


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Amazing material conveyed concisely and in great detail!

The wealth of information and sample questions are great.

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